TFORMer.XML Configuration File

Background information to the configuration file TFORMer.XML.


TFORMer uses a configuration file named TFORMer.xml to define the available paper formats, error handling and general output options.

The default file is installed automatically by the setup application into C:\ProgramData\TEC-IT\TFORMer\8 (on Windows) or /usr/local/share/TFORMer (on Linux). Each time TFORMer Designer is invoked, it saves user-settings automatically in a TFORMer.xml file which is located in C:\Users\**USERNAME**\AppData\Local\TEC-IT\TFORMer\8.

Both TFORMer Designer and TFORMer SDK load this file to determine the default options for generating output. If no user specific file is found, the default configuration file is used.

TFORMer SDK also tries loading the TFORMer.xml file from the path of the executing process as well as the path from which the TFORMer library has been loaded.

To meet custom requirements the settings in the configuration file may be modified manually. As an alternative TFORMer SDK can be instructed to use a custom configuration file with ConfigFile . Please refer to the TFORMer Developer Manual and the file TFORMer.xml to get a detailed explanation regarding the following settings:

Output Type Description
All Output Types
  • Error handling for bar-codes, images, expressions and UNICODE fonts
  • Paper format names (see Job.JobTrayControlName)
  • Page setup (size, orientation, compression, margins, font-embedding)
  • Image compression method and JPEG-quality
  • Maximum resolution for images (so-called down-sampling)
  • Page setup (size, orientation, color-mode)
  • Header and footer sequences, character encoding
  • Page setup (size, orientation, resolution)
  • Bar-code resolution
  • Page setup (size, orientation, resolution)
  • Image compression method
  • Color mode, anti-aliasing
  • Page setup (size, orientation, resolution)
  • Scaling, dithering, compression method

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