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The TFORMer product family represents a lean but powerful output and reporting solution. Professional graphical layout features are combined with versatile output capabilities. The integrated bar-code generator, full-featured UNICODE support, direct PDF generation, streaming support and the possibility for client as well as server side integration qualifies TFORMer as multi-purpose, multi-platform report generator.

  • Users benefit from the graphical layout editor with instant output capabilities: TFORMer Designer offers outstanding layout and printing features for documents like reports, tables, lists, serial letters, industry forms, vouchers and barcode labels. Especially the ready-to-use industry labels (e.g. VDA-4902, Odette, Galia, AIAG, ...) save time.
  • Software developers use TFORMer SDK as a reporting tool for direct printing (including native ZEBRA® support) and PDF-, PostScript®-, HTML- and image output. Form layouts are designed graphically with TFORMer Designer, TFORMer SDK is then used to provide dynamic data for these layouts and to generate the output. It represents the core printing functionality and it is available for all major operating systems.

Output Capabilities

Based on graphically designed form layouts TFORMer is able to generate output in the formats listed below. All output formats are supported natively by TFORMer. Additional 3rd party software is not required.

  • Direct printing to all printers supported by Microsoft® Windows®
  • File export for all supported output formats
  • In-memory Streaming
  • Built-in ZEBRA/ZPL-II support
  • Built-In PostScript output
  • Built-in PDF output and PDF document creation
  • Built-In HTML output
  • Built-in Image output
  • ASCII output


TFORMer SDK is the name of the cross-platform output and reporting engine. It generates arbitrary labels or reports based on form layouts previously designed with TFORMer Designer. TFORMer SDK is available with multiple APIs (application programming interface). It can be embedded into your applications or used from within batch-jobs or shell scripts. TFORMer SDK is available as:

  • COM Component
    The COM-API of TFORMer SDK is described is described in detail in the COM API reference. COM objects can be embedded into Microsoft® Office documents and may be used by all common development environments on Microsoft Windows (e.g. Microsoft® Visual® Basic®, Microsoft® Visual® C++, ...). In addition COM components may be used for client-side scripting within HTML pages (only available for Internet Explorer).
    Due to security reasons the COM component of TFORMer SDK is Site Locked (see Security below). Without adjusting allowed internet zones or internet domains TFORMer SDK may not be scripted within web-pages! This applies only when used with Microsoft Internet Explorer!
  • .NET Assembly
    The NET-API of TFORMer SDK is described in detail in the .NET API reference. It provides a clear and easy-to-use programming interface and can be used with all .NET programming languages (.NET 4.5 or higher is required).
  • DLL
    The DLL-API of TFORMer SDK is described in detail in the DLL API reference. The Microsoft® Windows® DLL interface is offered by TFORMer8.dll (32 bit DLL) or TFORMer8x64.dll (64 bit DLL). The DLL API can be used by virtually all programming languages and development environments.
  • Shared Library
    For Linux® and UNIX® the reporting engine is available as shared library. For tar-balls or RPMs please refer to
    . The API of this shared library is 100% compatible to the Windows-based DLL, software developers should refer to the DLL API reference for a detailed documentation.
  • JAVA Classes
    The Java-API for TFORMer SDK is described in detail in the JAVA API reference. This API provides the JAVA® wrapper for the TFORMer SDK. Java is platform independent, the class files can be used in applications running on Windows, Unix, Mac,... with installed Java Runtime. The API is similar to the .NET Assembly.
  • Command Line Application (TFPrint)
    TFPrint offers a stand-alone, command line based printing and reporting application. All required parameters can be specified by command line parameters (e.g. form layout to be printed, output device, output type, data source, ...). TFPrint is available for all platforms (Microsoft® Windows®, Linux® and UNIX®). It can be used in batch-jobs, shell scripts and web-based scripting languages or it can be "spawned" from within your application as separate process. A detailed description is available in a separate manual.

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