A Project is a logical container for related FormLayout, DataSource and DataField definitions. It divides a Repository into logical units.

Exactly one GlobalProject is available for both a Repository or a stand-alone FormLayout. In the case of a Repository additional Project objects can be created by the user.

  • For each Project TFORMer Designer creates a subfolder below the main Repository file. FormLayouts, which are member of this Project are stored in this subfolder.
  • A stand-alone FormLayout can only use the GlobalProject (it references the FormLayout itself). The GlobalProject of a Repository can't be used to reference FormLayouts.
  • DataFields and DataSources defined in a Project are usable exclusively by FormLayouts which are member exactly of this Project.
  • DataFields and DataSources defined in the GlobalProject are usable by all FormLayouts in all Projects.

In order to access the DataFields in a Project you may either use the method Project.GetDataField or you may iterate through all available DataFields using Project.FirstDataField and DataField.Next. If you want to know, whether the returned DataField is actually used in a FormLayout you can use the method FormLayout.GetDataFieldUsage.


To retrieve all Project objects within a Repository do the following:

// Retrieve the first Project
Project project = repository.FirstProject;
while (project != null)
// Get the next Project
project = project.Next;
The Project is only valid as long as it is available in the Repository. If it is removed from the Repository all instances of the Project immediately become invalid.

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