The JobDataDataSource enables TFORMer SDK to use a DataSource defined as part of a FormLayout as JobData for printing a Job.

The creator of a FormLayout is able to define such a DataSource with TFORMer Designer. This DataSource definition is stored as part of the FormLayout and is identified by a unique name. It defines how data is retrieved (e.g. from an ODBC database), the field-mappings and optional DataSourceParameters.

If you specify no or an empty name when using the JobDataDataSource, TFORMer SDK uses the default DataSource specified in the FormLayout. The default JobDataDataSource stores the DataField values used during the last TFORMer Designer session (for this purpose TFORMer Designer maintains an extra file with the extension .xml). If no file with default data exists TFORMer SDK produces no output.

The optional DataSourceParameters may be used to control certain aspects of the JobDataDataSource (like file names, SQL SELECT statement or an ODBC-DSN) during runtime.


Sample tff has no datasource (remove Sample?) move it to samples ?

The following sample will use a predefined DataSource. Set one DataSourceParameter and send the output to the default printer.

More Information

For a general description see JobData.

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