The JobDataCsv enables TFORMer SDK to use CSV-files (or more generic: any text file in a suitable format) as JobData for printing a Job.

The data in such a file provides the values of the DataFields. Each line (except the first one - see below) is treated as a Record. TFORMer SDK matches the column names in the file with the corresponding DataField names if the FormLayout. Therefore the first row of the file must contain the DataField names, separated by a separator character. All other rows contain the DataField values, again separated by a separator character. Each value or name of a DataField may be enclosed in optional qualifier characters. This is useful if the separator character may be part of a DataField value.

The default qualifier character is the double quote ("), the default separator character is the comma (,). If the file uses no qualifiers, set the qualifier to '\0'.


The following example file contains 2 records. The first line lists the DataField-names. The comma (,) is used as separator character and the double quote (") is used as qualifier character:

"","Support Engineer","Mr. Harald Backoffice"
"","Sales Assistant","Mrs. Susan Frontdesk"

Assume the sample file specified above is stored in C:/temp/Import.txt. The corresponding call to create the JobData and to assign it to a Job is as follows: MISSING tff file that matches the given csv datafields, samples to be adopted too ****

// Create a new Job instance
Job printJob = new Job();
// Select the FormLayout (stand-alone or Repository-based)
// ...
// Create a new JobData instance
// Here we import a CSV and specify separator and qualifier character
JobDataCsv jobData = new JobDataCsv("/temp/Import.txt", ',', '"');
// Assign the JobData to the Job
printJob.JobData = jobData;
// Select PDF output to /temp/out.pdf
printJob.OutputName = "/temp/out.pdf";
printJob.PrinterType = PrinterType.PdfFile;
// Generate output based on the FormLayout and the JobData
printJob.Print ();

More Information

For a general description see JobData.

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