DataSourceXml is a specialized DataSource for importing data from XML-Files. This class is used to manipulate existing DataSourceXml objects.
To create a new DataSource use TFORMer Designer or Project.AddDataSource.

The main properties to characterize a DataSourceXml are:

  • The XML filename
  • An optional XSLT file for transforming the XML file into a suitable TFORMer compatible format

Modifying an Existing XML DataSource

Sample source code for modifying an existing DataSourceXml:

// Retrieve the global Project
// DataSources are defined in a Project or a global Project
Project project = repository.GlobalProject;
// Retrieve the DataSource by name
// Since we know the type of the DataSource, we can cast it to DataSourceXml
DataSourceXml dataSource = (DataSourceXml)project.GetDataSource("XML");
// Modify some DataSource properties
dataSource.XsltFilename = ""; // clear XSLT filename

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