With the help of ComputedFields computations can be centralized in the DataSource instead of performing the computations in the FormLayout. For example, you might

  • convert the content of an existing field if the DataSource to uppercase,
  • remove leading and trailing spaces,
  • concatenate multiple fields of the DataSource into a single one,
  • or perform numerical computations like computing the VAT.

The result of a ComputedField is available in the DataSource like any other source-field. In the expression of a ComputedField you may refer to multiple fields of the DataSource. It is also possible to use other ComputedFields already defined in the DataSource in the expression.


In addition, ComputedFields support Aggregation (see ComputedField.Aggregation).
Thus it is pretty simple to create serial numbers or to calculate running sums and averages which are not available in a DataSource directly.

Filter Expressions

To exclude specific Records of a DataSource from being considered by the Aggregation use filter expressions.

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