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First - let us say thank you for using TBarCode!

What is TBarCode?

TBarCode is a set of professional tools to generate all common barcodes (as print-out or as graphics file) rapidly and easily. More than 70 different symbologies (linear as well as 2D or stacked barcode variants) are supported. All industry formats - in the highest possible resolution and quality - are generated.

Besides supporting a bunch of different symbologies TBarCode was designed to support all possible options and features of the single barcode types. Whether you are generating simple linear barcodes or complex symbologies with Structured Append features: TBarCode offers you all these possibilities.

TBarCode is available in the following versions:

  • TBarCode Library: A cross-platform library for barcode generation.
  • TBarCode OCX: A Microsoft ActiveX compliant Barcode Control (sometimes called OLE control or OCX control). In German such a control is named "Steuerelement".
  • TBarCode.NET: A .NET library including barcode controls for Windows Forms and ASP.NET 4.5 Web Forms.
  • TBarCode.NET Std: A .NET Standard library including a barcode generator class. Can be used with .Net Core, .Net 5, .Net 6, or .Net Framework 4.5 and newer. Not included: Windows Forms control and ASP.NET Web Forms control.
  • TBarCode/X: Command-line tools and spool filter scripts for UNIX and Linux.

The product is maintained and kept up to date according to future market and technology developments. Please visit our FAQ page on https://www.tec-it.com/support/faq/tbarcode/Default.aspx and do not hesitate to contact TEC-IT in case of any additional questions: support@tec-it.com

What is the TBarCode Library?

TBarCode Library is a comprehensive software library for barcode generation. It is the core of all TBarCode products. The library is available for software developers to integrate barcode generation in custom applications. TEC-IT provides the TBarCode Library for a wide range of platforms:

  • 32-bit Microsoft Windows platforms
  • 64-bit Microsoft Windows platforms
  • Microsoft Windows CE / Windows Mobile platforms (Available on request - Please contact us with your platform details.)
  • Most Linux and UNIX platforms

Remark: TBarCode Library for Windows is often just called "TBarCode DLL" and the UNIX version is often called "LibTBarCode".

Where can I get TBarCode Library?

TBarCode Library can be downloaded from https://www.tec-it.com
The TBarCode setup for Windows includes TBarCode Library as dynamically linked library (DLL). A static library is available on request.
The TBarCode/X setup for Linux/UNIX includes TBarCode Library as static and as shared library.

About this Document

This document describes the application programming interface (API) of TBarCode Library. The TBarCode Library Developer Manual explains how you can use it in your own applications and provides sample source code.

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