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Cloud Barcode Scanner

Your Benefits

Scan Barcodes & Capture Data

Use any camera equipped smartphone or tablet (Android or iOS) to transfer barcodes, images, texts and quantities directly into local or remote Office documents.

Predifined & Custom Imput Forms

Select your favourite input form to capture and send barcodes, images, texts and numbers. For specific requirements, we provide custom input forms.

Works Anytime and Everywhere

Smart cloud services transfer the data from the app right into your documents – if required across different offices, facilities or even countries.

Word and Excel Integration

The Scan-IT to Office Add-In works with Microsoft Office (2013 or newer) and Microsoft Office 365 (desktop and online version) on Windows, macOS and iOS. Some features require the use of Office 2016.

Affordable for Everyone

The Scan-IT to Office App is available for a small subscription fee. The Office Add-In is free for everyone in each case.

Reliable and Secure

Scan-IT to Office utilizies Microsoft Azure™ cloud services, no barcode data or user information is logged or stored.

Free Support

Our support team is happy to help you with all your questions and technical problems.

Pricing Information

For unlimited use, purchase a subscription of the Scan-IT to Office App for Android (Google Play Store) or iOS (App Store).
The supplementary Scan-IT to Office Add-In is available for FREE in the Microsoft AppSource.

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