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Java-Servlet application frameworks are rare - especially for small to middle-sized Web-Applications. 
In most cases the requirements for such database-driven intranet or internet applications are similar:
  • The majority of the masks in such applications are list/detail, master/detail views.
  • Common functionality (like new, edit, delete, selection, sorting, print-preview) should be available.
  • The look & feel should be unique
  • The application should be browser independent
  • Standardized input validation must be available
  • The application should be easy to extend with custom logic and custom views

 Advantages of TEC-ITīs new JavaPacer framework:

  • Standard views can be configured instead of programmed. Only the database columns which should be presented to the user must be specified - and a complete input mask is finished within minutes.
  • Simpe applications are implemented within hours (instead of days).
  • The three-tier model and the underlying class-concept allows the programmer easy extension of the framework.
  • The style-sheet based browser-presentation allows easy adjustments of the GUI.
  • Operates with all Web-Servers supporting Java-Servlets 2.1(JDK 1.2 recommended)
  • Only basic understanding of sevlet technology is required.

JavaPacer will be released soon (late summer 2001) - It will be available with Java source code and sample applications. An online demo-drive demonstrating this java servlet framework is under construction.

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